Welcome to Financial Intelligence Ireland.  As a Financial Advisor with over 20 years track record in Ireland we are commited to providing the best possibe advice for you financial planning.  We believe financial intelligence is critical whcih is why we have put together a wide range of free training to gelp you develop your financial intelligence,


No hype, just practical real world personalised advice on based over twenty years helping real people get the most from their income and protect the assets and family.


To help you navigate maze of financial advice and product we have developed a way of thinking about your finances call ‘the 7 Pillars of Wealth. Below  you can get access to our free guide and a tange of videos which explain the 7 Pillars of financial intelligence.

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Free Downloadable Guide on Planning Your Finances

Download our Free Guide "The Seven Pillars of Financial Intellligence"

This guide covers

  • Manging you Income
  • Planning your savings
  • Planning your pension
  • Property Investments
  • Pension planning
  • Protecting your assets

Free Training Videos explain the 7 Pillars of Financial Intelligence


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